Lubricant & Grease

Occasionally, a machine will start to slow, maybe even ‘stutter’ or it could you might find that a door, drawer at home has suddenly become stiff.

The simple answer is to use a lubricant or grease to smooth the flow of your equipment. You’ve heard the phrase ‘to grease the wheels or cogs’, well this is when that saying becomes true.

Ensuring that your power tool is running smoothly may very well requiring some grease to make sure your saw, drill or cutters provide you with the reliability you need. By letting it ‘run dry’, you may find that your power tool doesn’t deliver the results that you need, and you could damage the power tool.

By the same token, using lubricant on stiff areas such as hinges, locks, drawers, as well as power tools will also see an improvement on all moving parts and moving requirements.

At ITS, our detailed range of lubricants and grease will ensure that everything runs smoothly, like a well oiled-machine, like greased get the picture.

From trusted and household names such as Trend, GT Line and WD40, our stocks are available for next day delivery so that you are able to get things going again straight away.

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