Lasers, Detectors & Digital Measures

At ITS, from larger construction projects to hanging pictures on the wall require perfectly straight lines. Lasers, Detectors and Digital Measuring tools will ensure that lines are straight, longer distances are measured accurately (particularly if a tape measure can’t be used), and your plans are perfect.

With hundreds of items in stock available for next day delivery, our expertly chosen range of Laser levels, cross line lasers, rotary lasers, dot lasers, distance measures, optical levels flooring lasers, and plane 360°lasers are essential to ensure you get the perfect line.

Established and trusted brands such as Leica, Laserline, Stanley, Stabilia, Milwaukee, Dewalt, Vaunt, LevelFix and Makita will ensure that your lines are clear, your distance is perfect measured, and your plans begin on a firm footing.

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