Trowels – not all trowels are the same, or are used for the same job.

Surprisingly, there is not only a phenomenally huge range to choose from, but it will also be rather specific to the job you’re working on.

Whether you need a brick trowel, gauging trowel, plastering trowel or a pointing trowel or finishing trowel, flooring trowel, at ITS, our detailed range are all available for next day delivery.

Our team have worked closely with expert brands such as Marshalltown, OX Tools, Ragni, Draper,Refina, Silverline, Tyzack, and more to ensure that our premium selection of tools will let you get the job done.

Whether you’re a brickie, plasterer, drywall specialist, tiler, at ITS, we have the right tools for the right job, and all available for next day delivery.

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