Spirit Levels

“It looks straight” how many times have you heard that one echoing from homes, worksites, and workshops around the world?

Having something ‘look’ straight or level is simply not good enough. It’s either level or it’s not. One of the only wayto ensure that it is, is by using a spirit level.

Available in various lengths, spirit levels contain up to 3 small vials of coloured liquid with a single bubble inside it. Each vial will have markings on it that precisely display whether or not a surface is level. The bubble within the vial must fall within these markings to confirm this.

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, you can ensure that a wall, row of pictures, ceiling or frame is perfectly and (more importantly) accurately straight.

... To ensure your work is on the level (see what we did there...), we have worked closely with trusted brands to deliver a premium range of professional spirit levels that range from 100mm long all the way up to 2440mm long.

Our range also includes kits with multiple spirit levels from leading names such as Stanley, Stabilia, Milwaukee, OX Tools, Bahco, Kapro, and more.

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