Socket Sets & Sockets

Socket Sets are the perfect addition to a kit, whether you are tightening bolts on furniture or working within the automotive industry, having a socket set is essential.

Made from high-quality durable steel such as chrome vanadium or carbon steel, most socket sets have the size etched onto the side making it easy to pick the socket you need. 

At ITS, our sets are made up of a range of popular as well as useful sized sockets; varying in both size and range. There really is a socket set for any given situation

Our Socket sets are chosen by our expert team who work closely with established and trusted suppliers such as Bahco, Wera, Sealey, Makita, Knipex, Milwaukee, Beta, and many more.

With hundreds of sets to choose from it can be hard to navigate which set you need in your job. Below is a guide for Socket sets and examples of the industries that are most likely to use the specific sets.

What is a socket set?

A Socket Set is a collection of sockets, varying in size and often including a ratchet to get you started. If your job requires the fastening or unfastening of nuts and bolts, then a socket set will usually contain everything you need to get your job done. This is especially true when you pick the right socket set for the job. Some of our specially chosen socket sets will also come in cases or pouches making them easy to store away when used.

What types of socket sets are available at ITS?

Depending on your industry or job, you will need different sizes of sockets to be efficient. For example, a bicycle repair shop may only need small sockets capable of releasing a wheel, while a car repair shop on the other hand will require much larger sockets from a set

At ITS we offer a variety of socket sets ranging in size and even measurement metric (imperial vs metric) as you browse the store you will notice the following socket set types:

  • Imperial/Metric Socket Sets - These are the standard sockets you'd expect to find. Depending on what type of nuts and bolts you may decide to go with imperial especially if working with American machinery, if not in Europe we usually use metric sockets.
  • Pass Thru/Slim Socket sets - These sets are designed to fit into smaller gaps that the average sock would not be able to reach, the only disadvantage being that the sockets aren't as durable.
  • Deep Socket sets - When access to the nut or bolt is limited deep sockets give that extra bit of length allowing you to reach those “deeper” nuts and bolts.
  • Hexagon Socket Sets - Hexagon Sockets are specifically used for 6-sided nuts or bolts. Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Impact Socket Sets - An impact Socket set contains sockets meant to be used with an impact wrench. The sockets are usually a lot more durable than the standard sockets as they have to withstand higher levels of use.
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