Allen Keys (Hex Keys)

As much as screwdrivers and hammers are the stable items in most people’s tool kits, the one that many forget, but is insanely useful, is Hex Keys / Allen Keys.

Usually made from a single piece of hard steel, the hexagonal shaped rods have a blunt end that fits nicely in to respective shaped screw sockets. Many will have a 90°bend at one end forming two arms of unequal lengths in the shape of an “L”.

A number of versions won’t have the bend in them, and will look like generic screwdrivers with varying sizes to fit different sized screw sockets.

Mostly sold in kits, at ITS, we have an extensive range of expertly chosen and premium hex keys available. From established brands such as Beta, Sealey, Wera, Stanley, Vaunt, Knipex, CK, Bondhus and many more, all our Allen Keys are available for next day delivery.

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