Hammers & Mallets

For those in this industry, a hammer is an essential and reliable part of any tool kit. Whether building furniture, frames, using it for light demolition, or in conjunction with another tool for woodworking, or maybe something as simple as putting a nail in to hang a picture.

However, hammers and mallets come in all kinds of shapes and sizes subject to the kind of job you are currently working on.

At ITS, we have an extensive selection of various claw hammers, framing hammers, rubber mallets, club hammers, carvers mallet’s, brick hammers, carpenters mallet’s, chipping hammers, slaters hammers, pin hammers, all the way to sledgehammers.

So whether you are using a mallet for carving, driving pegs in to the ground, or a hammer for putting pins in to a frame, breaking a brick in two, to demolition work, we have worked closely with expert brands to bring you a range of premium products from Faitfull, Stanley, Estwing, OX Tools, Thor, Vaughan, Milwaukee, Beta and many more, all of which are available for next day delivery.

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