Pipe Cutters

For the discerning, professional plumber or HVAC engineer, having a pipe or tube cutter is essential. Not only does it save time that having to use a hacksaw, but it will also give a cleaner cut, save time, and a more accurate cut too.

At ITS, our selection of manual pipe cutters are perfect for cutting either PVC or copper pipe up to 75mm. Often including 2 or 3 cutting blades, a number of these incredibly compact hand tools will simply clip on to the piping, then let you rotate the tool a number of times until it has cut through perfectly.

Whether you are cutting copper, PVC, rubber, stainless steel, aluminium, MDP or plastic piping, our extensive range of manual pipe cutters from trusted brands such as Milwaukee, OX Tools, Bahco, Draper, Eclipse, Faithfull, Rothenberger, Sealy, Ridgid and more, are all available for immediate dispatch and next day delivery.

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