Multi Tool Pliers

You never know when you will truly need certain tools be it a knife, screwdriver, filer or pliers. This is why one of our most popular hand tools is the pocket multi-tool.

Folded away neatly to a pocket sized device, these pocket multi-tools are similar to Swiss-army knives in terms of their reliability and usefulness.

Opened out, most of the these will give you a pair of pliers, along with the other tools such as mini saw, ruler, fish scaler, hook remover, slotted screwdriver, PH screwdriver as well as a can and bottle opener. 

Some pocket multitools offer a more specific role, such as for dealing with bicycles, or a range of screwdrivers and Torx ends.

Whichever you chose, from trusted brands such as Makita, Ultex, Vaunt, Sivlerline, Bessey and Festool, you will be thankful at having one of these useful devices with you wherever you go.

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