Knives & Blades

Sometimes a product is released that personifies a range. For example, asking for a Biro (and then being given a Bic pen); doing the Hoovering (with a Dyson). A brand or product becomes synonymous with every model that follows it.

The same is true with the utility knife. Also known as folding knife, box cutter, retractable knife or simply, the Stanley knife call it what you will, having a utility knife in your tool kit, at home or at work is as common place as putting on socks in the morning.

Today, as well as the simply and beloved retractable utility knife, these have evolved over the years to include comfortable handles, rotating blades to convert to a scraper, having screwdriver attached to them, as well as having snap blades.

Our extensive range of utility knives and blades are from established names such as Milwaukee, Bahco, Stanley, Toughbuilt, Irwin, Bessey, Faithfull, Knipex, OX Tools, Makita and many more.

Some of our utility blades are designed for more specific roles such as carpet cutting, glazing, wood working, scrapping as well as general purpose use.

All our knives and blades are only available to persons over the age of 18. By ordering any of these products, you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 and therefore consent to verification checks to confirm your age. A signature will be required upon delivery, and proof of age may be required as well.

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