Clamps are used for a variety of reasons. Not the ones that traffic wardens use, but the selection available from ITS are used for holding materials together while they or joined together or to hold a guide rail in place for your circular saw.

If you are gluing wood together, need to hold something in place before welding or keep a guide rail in place, at ITS, our stock of clamps and clamping systems, which are manually secured in to place, will hold whatever you need in place.

Whether you need a G-Clamp, One Handed Clamp, Sash Clamp, T-Bar Clamp or a traditional vice for your workshop, we will have the perfect solution for holding your material in place while you work.

With trusted brands such as Irwin, Stanley, Bahco, Eclipse, Bessey, Vaunt, Viking Arm, Cox Solo, Faithfull and Silverline to name just a few, our experts have chosen dozens of products to suit your needs and are available for next day delivery.

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