Gazebos & Tents

Gazebo’s offer a range of uses in numerous locations. From a home use, they offer immediate shade in hot weather as well as protection in wet weather.

On a work site, it also adds another location that you can work in that is dry, cool while protecting you and your equipment from the elements.

If you’re working in a location that has limited space, then outside maybe the only place to go. With our selection of gazebo’s and tents, you know you can work in comfort and safety.

Available as either 3x3m or 3x6m, our select range of gazebo’s are incredibly easy to set up and requires very little help. In fact, you can put one of these in place all on your own.

When you’re finished, regardless of whether its work related or at home, our gazebos and tents fold away neatly for easy storage and transport.

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