Buckets & Tubs

Whether it’s collecting rainwater, cleaning leaves, or you need to carry spoil and waste away, then out detailed range of buckets and deep tubs are the perfect solution for your agricultural workings.

Available in multipacks, either made from metal, durable and strong plastic or even recycled car tyres, at ITS our select range of both buckets and tubs can be used in a multitude of situations.

Not just for moving materials, waste, spoil, water, but scaffold fixings, nails, screws, foodstuffs, and even ice on hot days.

From expert brands such as Draper, Faithfull, Gorilla, OX Tools and more, our selecting of tubs and buckets are available in a range of capacities from small tubs to hold screws or art and craft materials, but 14L, 26L, 38L up to 75Litres.

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