Festool Drill Bits

Festool Drill Bits

Festool power tools need to fulfil three criteria for them to be ‘typically Festool’: Robust, Powerful and Efficient. It is this mantra that has made Festool equipment trusted by tradespeople around the world.

Festool's range of drill bits are strong, durable and long-lasting; producing the results needed to get the job done.

Their selection of auger bits ensure that when you are drilling in either soft or hard wood, you can create perfect holes for your job. The threaded tips on their bits allows the drill to be precisely positioned and draws the drill into the wood, allowing for effortless work

The Festool SDS+ Drill bits are manufactured from high-quality solid carbide. The four-edge design ensures optimum safety when drilling reinforced concrete in particular, as the drill bit does not catch on the reinforcement.

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