Festool Branded Merchandise

Festool Branded Merchandise

Festool power tools need to fulfil three criteria for them to be ‘typically Festool’: Robust, Powerful and Efficient. It is this mantra that has made Festool equipment trusted by tradespeople around the world.

Festool has always taken the welfare of their employees just as important as the tools they make. Since 1933 when wife of Founder, Berta Stoll starting taking an interest in employees life, ensuring there welfare and happiness which is still maintained to this day.

For die hard fans, this is no more so evident than the extensive range of Festool Fan Merchandise available.

From the moment they’re born, you can fit your child with a Festool Babygro, wear Festool Hoodies, and Festool T Shirts. Enjoy lunch from the Festool Lunchbox or for the more discerning trader, enjoy a cheese selection with the Festool Snack Set (it’s a cheeseboard).

There are also sports bags, beanie hats, Victorinox penknife, insulated mugs and so much more.

At ITS, our expert team have been astounded by the success of Festool merchandise, and how well it has been received.

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