Festool Fixings & Fasteners Festool Fixings & Fasteners

Festool Fixings & Fasteners

Festool power tools need to fulfil three criteria for them to be ‘typically Festool’: Robust, Powerful and Efficient. It is this mantra that has made Festool equipment trusted by tradespeople around the world.

Festools range of fixings and fasteners are directly related to their power tools. The pack of dominos, available in various quantities, are designed with a special shape in combination with expanding glue pockets and longitudinal grooves gives the dowels a secure grip. These rotation proof dowels, offer a better stability and sturdiness than their circular counterparts.

The Festool drywall screws, available in various sizes are best suited to their own drywall screwdrivers and offer a fine thread screw for wooden substructures. This magazine loaded screws provide you with the strength to your drywall project.

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