Dewalt Batteries, Chargers and Mounts

Dewalt Batteries, Chargers and Mounts

Batteries and chargers are what keep you goingEach voltage of battery has multiple charger options, and they all offer varying times to charge the different Ah of battery. Single and multiple bay charger are on offer depending on how often you need to charge

10.8V 12V, 14.4V, 18V and 54V Flexvolt Lithium-Ion batteries from 2.0Ah upwards are available and are compatible with hundreds of cordless power tools.
The batteries are designed to reduce fatigue, extend runtime and optimize power to help complete your jobs quickly.
Remember with batteries, the higher the Ah the longer the run time, not the power.

Many of the batteries feature LED charging indicators and have no memory effect.

Stealthmounts are an ingenious way of storing and protecting your batteries. They enable you to mount your batteries on a wall, worktop or to the panels in your van. The batteries click into position so you know they are secure and to release them you just click a button


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