Dewalt Lasers, Detectors & Digital Measures

Dewalt Lasers, Detectors & Digital Measures

The original DeWalt company was founded almost 100 years ago and has been at the forefront of tool technology ever since

At ITS we have a huge range of DeWalt lasers, detectors and digital measuring equipment and will help you get the right tool for your job.

Laser levels are designed to project beams of light onto surfaces to give you a highly accurate reference point for ensuring their work is level and straight.

Laser spirit levels have a wide range of uses and are suitable for use on site and around the home.

Measuring tools are available for flat surfaces, angles, and inclines, as well as specialist measurement equipment.
Accurate measurements
make the difference between a successful project and a costly mistake.

Measure distance, levels and almost anything else with our range of DeWalt tools for domestic and commercial use.

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