Dewalt FLEXVOLT Advantage Saws

Dewalt FLEXVOLT Advantage Saws

When a demanding job requires a boost in performance, DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE has it covered.

This revolutionary technology has been designed by DEWALT engineers to enable 18V XR tools with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE to recognise an XR FLEXVOLT battery, unlocking up to 77% more power when needed to complete more challenging applications.
This feature delivers additional power when needed on tougher jobs and increases versatility and runtime of your equipment.

The 18V XR range is Dewalt's most popular and fastest growing range of cordless tools. Whilst these tools produce enough power and runtime to complete most professional tasks, sometimes you need that extra bit of power for the more demanding jobs -FlexVolt Advantage pulls through.

Whether it’s a Circular Saw, Jigsaw, Mitre Saw, Plunge Saw, Reciprocating Saw or even a Table Saw, detailed cuts, mitre cuts, bevel cuts are made easy with exceptional power output. With impressive technology added to many of these including Brushless Motors which extended the running time of the machine as well as reducing the need for ongoing maintenance, FLEXVOLT saws are easy to use while ensuring your safety while operating.

Suitable for cutting wood, metal and plastic with the appropriate blade or saw, these saws include ergonomic designs to ensure your comfort while cutting. With easy blade changes, and in many cases dust extraction, these DeWalt power tools offer a wide range of applications in numerous situations.

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