Dewalt FLEXVOLT Advantage Drills and Drivers

Dewalt FLEXVOLT Advantage Drills and Drivers

Here at ITS we have a huge range of DeWalt drills and drivers all available for next day delivery and with a 1 hour timeslot you can decide whether our couriers drop to home or site. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid DIY’eror a trade professional we have the right drill for your job

When a demanding job requires a boost in performance, DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE has it covered. This revolutionary technology has been designed by DEWALT engineers to enable 18V XR tools with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE to recognise an XR FLEXVOLT battery, unlocking up to 77% more power when needed to complete more challenging applications. This feature delivers additional power when needed on tougher jobsa nd increases versatility and runtime of your equipment

Starting with a drill driver which is perfect for drilling holes and driving in screws and other small fastenings. They are often smaller and lighter, making them perfect for using in spall spaces.

Next up is the combi drill, they have the same features as the drill driver but have the addition of a hammer action feature. This makes it suitable for drilling into masonry and brick.

Impact drivers are used for driving long screws and bolts into wooden posts and screw anchors into metal studs.

You then get to the big boys, an SDS+is a specialized hammer drill and are made for drilling into tough materials like concrete, stone, and masonry. You must use accessories with an SDS shank as these are made for tougher materials.

If your drilling into hard materials using a hammer motion then a percussion drill should be top of your list. It is powerful enough to go through brick, masonry, steel & wood but is lightweight which makes it easy to use for long periods.

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