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Bosch was established by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart West, in his back garden, on 15thNovember 1886 as a workshop for electrical engineering and precision mechanics. Within a year, Robert Bosch presented the first low voltage magneto for gas engines.

Whilst the early years of Bosch centred around automotive parts, in 1927, Bosch engineer Hermann Steinhart saw something in his test workshop that fascinated him. The ‘Forfex’ had an integrated motor in the handle and opened up huge possibilitieand by 1932,Bosch presented its very first power drill.

While Bosch expanded around the globe, winning awards and developing automotive parts, as well as rebuilding itself after World War II, it wasn’t until the early 1950’s, when the international taste for DIY became a craze, that Bosch was able to turn it into a lucrative business opportunity. In 1952, Bosch launched the ‘Bosch Combi” electric power tool a multiple use power tool that could do a range of functions subject to the various attachments a drill, screwdriver, sander, and even a hedge cutter. The complete kit was sold in either a case for transport or in a wooden cabinet so that it could be wall-mounted.

It opened a phenomenal opportunity for Bosch in Europe to develop power tools to answer the demand for fast tools for the DIY market. After the launch of this multi-tool / drill / hedge-cutter, Bosch began to develop a range of professional power tools for worksites including hammer drills.

Today, Bosch’s technology stretches far and wide, not just with power tools. Within the automotive industry, they have helped develop and further electric engines, as well as working in the aerospace, communications, and energy providing industries. Within our trade, Bosch developed their DIY range as well as further expanding their professional tool range. Easy to identify based on the colour of each tool, Bosch’s home range of DIY-orientated tool range have been green while their professional power tool range has been blue.

The Bosch Professional range of tools has expanded from their early development in the 1920’s and 1930’s to cover an enormous range of equipment and as well as furthering technology with BITURBO Brushless, ProCORE 18V Batteries, Bosch Professional Hand Tools, connected tools across a vast range of machines from Angle Grinders, Combination Drills, rotary hammer and demolition hammer drills, multi-tools, routers, saws, sanders and planers, benchtop tools, heatguns, workwear, laser measuring, and thermo cameras.

At ITS, we are proud to stock hundreds of Bosch items, from their power tool range through to their accessory range including drill bits, circular saw blades, and so much more.