Screwguns & Screwdrivers

At ITS, our experts work closely with leading brands to ensure you get not only the best possible price for your new tools, but a premium level of tool that will last for many years to come.

Screwdrivers are the one of those tools that everyone has for one reason or another. However, a powered screwdriver is something completely different and incredibly useful.

These screw guns are ideal for domestic projects such as assembling flat pack furniture, laying a deck and putting up a fence or shed. Unlike the manual alternative these power screwdrivers offer greater efficiency and can complete the job far quicker. 

An autofeed screwdriver is a power tool that drives screws using a feeder, so that the user doesn’t have to attach each screw to the screwdriver by themselves. This type of power equipment replicates the design used in traditional nail guns, where the nail gun replaces the traditional hammer and nail approach to a job.

Using an autofeed screwdriver for a project greatly cuts down on the required time for completion. These types of tools can be extremely valuable in drywall projects, flooring projects, or other projects where screws are used as fasteners.

The power of these powered screwdrivers are incredibly important as it determines not only how deep you can screw, but also what kind of materials you may want to screw into. Our selection has not only a high speed rate of up to 4500rpm but also brushless motor technology and high torque rates.

At ITS, our extensive range of powered screwdrivers and autofeed screwdrivers are chosen from industry leading brands such as Beta, Bosch, Fein Milwaukee, MakitaDewalt and Worx to name but a few, along with the option of cordless freedom with either12Vor18Vbattery options, or the consistency of corded with 110V or 240V options.