At ITS, we stock, with next day delivery available, hundreds if not thousands of sanding accessories, each of which to suit the needs of your job.

With sanding belts, sanding discs, sanding pads, sanding rolls, and much more to answer all your sanding needs. With rotary flap wheels, sanding sponges, sanding mesh, extractor extensions and connectors, buffing wheels from established names such as Makita, Dewalt, Festool, Mirka, Stanley and Vaunt, ITS will have every tool you need to finish the job.

Our extensive range includes abrasive delta pads, square pads, discs for popular sizes and useful Grit consistencies. Grit size refers to the size of the particles of abrading materials embedded in the sandpaper.

The “P” grade is a level set by the European FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives)

For example,

  • Grit/P 12-36: This is extra coarse and suitable for the fast removal of material, and good for the initial sanding of Hardwood flooring
  • Grit/P 40-55: This is extremely coarse and ideafor removing large amounts of wood and for rounding off corners.
  • Grit/P60-80: This medium level abrasive is particularly useful for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing. It can also be used for the gentle removal of varnish. This is the level of grit required for skateboard grips.
  • Grit/P 100-120: This is a fine coarse abrasive. This is useful for sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, as well as cleaning plaster and water stains from wood. Not useful for removing vanish or paint from wood.
  • Grit/P 150-220: Very Fine coarse. Perfect for sanding bare wood.
  • Grit/P 240-360: Very Fine coarse suitable for sanding finishes between coats.
  • Grit/P 400-600: Extra Fine Coarse for start polishing of wood.
  • Grit/P 800-1200: Super Fine for the final sanding of wood and final sanding level.
  • Grit/P 1500-2500: Ultra Fine level for final sanding and polishing thick finishes.