Makita 36V LXT

Makita is one of, if not the largest manufacturer of power tools in the world while they are continually praised for their performance and quality.

Today, Makita personifies reliability, durability and incredible power. They strive for innovation in products to fulfil the needs of professional tradespeople around the world.

The Makita 36V range is a select collection of machines that require two of the 18V LXT batteries that drive a 36V DC motor.

These tools deliver more power along with longer run times and enhanced performance levels.

NB: If two batteries with different capacities are used, such as a 4.0Ah and a 3.0Ah, the machine will stop when the battery with the least capacity is drained. The same is true with two batteries of the same capacity, but different charge levels (Such as two 4.0Ah batteries –one charged at 100% and the other at 70%)