Files & Rasps

At ITS, we have an extensive range of files and rasps to allow you to get the right finish to the material you are working on.

Rasps have a series of individual teeth produced by a sharp, narrow, punchlike chisel. The rough cut results allow for the fast removal of material from soft substances such as wood, leather, aluminium and lead.

While a file is similar to a rasp in that they are made of hardened steel with similar file shapes, the main difference is the tooth configuration. Files are also used to grind away excess material, but deliver a smoother result

Tooth configuration refers to whether a file is single-or double-cut. Single-cut files have rows of teeth cut in one direction only --usually at a 65-degree angle to the center line. Double-cut files have teeth that crisscross at opposing angles. The teeth form a diamond pattern across the face of the tool. Double-cut files clear material faster than the single-cut files, but they create a rough surface that must be smoothed with the single-cut file.

At ITS, we have a select range of rasps and files from expert brands such as Milwaukee, Tajima, Marshalltown, Faithfull, Stanley, Bahco, Silverline and more all available for next day delivery.

Files And Rasps