Load Carrying & Weight Baring

Lifting and carrying heavy loads is often fraught with perils, especially if its not done right or there is a large quantity of equipment that needs to be moved.

At ITS, we have an extensive and detailed range of load carrying products that will help, support and assist in moving equipment as well as materials to site or workshop.

From magnetic holders for when you drop a small fixing, drywall support bars, inflatable wedges, door lifters, tongs for bricks and kerb stones, to trolleys, suction lifters, baskets, platform dolly’s, and plasterboard carriers, these items are perfect if you need to take delivery of materials and place them in the right place.

Our experts have worked closely with trusted brands such as Stanley, Grabo, Faithful, Silverline, Draper, Bahco and many more to ensure that you’re not straining yourself and that your materials are transported safely when they arrive.