Like screwdrivers, wrench’s come in all different shapes and sizes while all designed for one basic job applying force to turn an object like a nut or bolt, or to keep them in place.

Available from ITS as sets or individually, our wrench’s (or spanners) are made from high quality steel or chrome vanadium to ensure a long life and durability.

However, before we go on, its worth noting that there is not an awful lot difference between a spanner and wrench.

In the UK, a spanner is a fixed-profile hand tool which fits or removes a fastening by turning a nut or bolt and a wrench is a similar tool but turns non-fastening components, for example, a pipe wrench which is used to turn and manipulate pipes.

The term ‘wrench’ is also used to describe a spanner-type tool that has an adjustable profile size. These tools are also known as ‘adjustable spanners’ or ‘monkey wrenches.’

In the USA, the word ‘wrench’ is used almost entirely instead of the word ‘spanner,’ but, because the USA and European markets are linked, the terms ‘wrench’ and ‘spanner’ often appear interchangeable in Britain.

But what of the different types? Subject to the job you need to do, you might need an open-ended spanner, a combination spanner, an adjustable spanner, a flare spanner, a radiator spanner, a scaffold spanner, a box spanner, a socket spanner, or a self adjusting spanner the list goes on.

At ITS, our expert team have worked closely with manufacturers to bring a premium range of spanners from Wera, Beta, Sealey, Rothenberger, Milwaukee, Monument, Makita, Draper, Stanley, Knipex, Bahco, Sealey and many more.